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FCC increases 75% the number of hours of required described programming


This week, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) increased the number of hours of required described TV programming. The description allows people with visual limitations improved access to TV programs by providing additional information about the programs with a narration that describes details that can’t be inferred by only listening to the original program.

Accessibility to Emergency Information on Television Deadline Looming

Dark clouds in the sky. From the clouds a tornado swirls down, touches the ground and lifts dust.

This July 10th is the deadline for the video programming distributors (such as satellite, cable and internet video companies) to comply with the requirement to make accessible audible emergency information to consumers that access the video programming on second screen services (such as smart phones, laptops and tables). 

Captioning of Internet Video Clips July 1st Deadline

Captioning symbol: Over a black background, the letters

A new captioning deadline is arriving this Saturday. This one covers the captioning of Internet video clips of live and near-live TV programming (such as news or sporting events) where the associated programming has been shown on TV, in the U.S., with captions.

Traveling By Plane With Your Service Animal


If you have a service dog, odds are that you already know what to do when planning to fly with your dog. However, it is still good to remember a few important steps you should take in order to have a smoother trip. These steps are specially important now that there is an increasing number of people traveling with “fake” Emotional Support Animals (ESA).  These people are making it more difficult for the ones with real ESA or guide dogs to fly.

Deaf Singer Melted Audience Away At America’s Got Talent

Concert audience. People raise their arms and forms a heart with their hands

Last Tuesday, the ones watching “America’s Got Talent” were blown away by Mandy Harvey. Mandy came that night with a Sign language translator, and her warm presence on stage was already enough to captivate the audience.  However, when she started singing, her beautiful voice, her perfect pitch, her inspiring song, melted the audience and the judges away!