Deaf Singer Melted Audience Away At America’s Got Talent


Last Tuesday, the ones watching “America’s Got Talent” were blown away by Mandy Harvey. Mandy came that night with a Sign language translator, and her warm presence on stage was already enough to captivate the audience.  However, when she started singing, her beautiful voice, her perfect pitch, her inspiring song, melted the audience and the judges away! 

Who is Mandy?  Where does all that beautiful presence come from?  She is a combination of natural talent and relentless determination.  She has always been interested in music. In fact, she was enrolled in a Vocal Music Education major at Colorado State University; but, when she lost her hearing, she left the program.  She was 18.  However, Mandy was not ready to quit and the world was waiting for her music!  No long after that, she went back to music.  She is now 29 and has already released 3 albums and performed on many stages around the country.

Furthermore, Mandy is a motivational speaker and has been connected with non profits such as No Barriers and Invisible Disabilities. She has been presented as a HearStrong Champion and she was the recipient of the the 2015 Invisible Disabilities Association’s “But You LOOK Good” Inspiration Award.

In her song Try, Mandy says “the only thing in my way is me.” After watching her performance on Tuesday, believe me, there is nothing in her way! She melts audiences away with her talent and charisma!  Don’t you agree?