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Our Mission

By developing accessible communications for everyone regardless of their abilities, Dicapta focuses on ensuring that media, entertainment, and culture are widely available and accessible for people with sensory disabilities, and Latinos in the U.S.

Since 2005, we at Dicapta have been proudly honored with grants from the United States Department of Education and the United States Department of Health and Human Services.

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Disabilities Collaborative organization bringing Access through the Power of Technology for All


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Latino is our native language


"The U.S. Latino population reached 62.1 million in 2020, up from 50.5 million in 2010." Pew Research Center, 2021.

Considering that in 2020 Latinos were the 19% of the U.S. population and that the incidence of disabilities in this community is increasing faster than in other races, we at Dicapta concentrate our efforts on serving the specific needs of Latinos with disabilities.

Additional information: Latinos4Access, In My Own Words, Facts about Latinos in the U.S., Profile of Latinos with disabilities, Hispanic children with disabilities.


Since its creation and continuously, Dicapta has focused its efforts on developing technological tools that allow the creation of accessibility elements more effectively and efficiently to guarantee access to education, culture, and information for people with sensory disabilities.

To learn more visit our Technology section.

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Technology is our strength


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Accessibility is our passion


For us, accessibility is how usable a product, service, media piece, educational tool, website, and cultural or entertainment activity is by people with disabilities.

Accessibility is a meaningful word that invites us to think about inclusion and equality.


Our Beneficiaries

Dicapta’s efforts look to serve people with sensory disabilities- including those identified as DeafBlind.

Some facts about the community we serve are available following the links: Visual disabilities in the U.S., Hearing disabilities in the US, Students with sensory disabilities in the U.S., and DeafBlindness in the U.S.

For information about Latinos with disabilities, click here.

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Students with sensory disabilities are the main beneficiaries of our efforts