Dicapta logo with the tagline - Accessible Communication Developers.

Text: All4Access is our vehicle to make the difference. Background image: Several colorful ropes bind together in a circle.

All4Access ensures that all the assets produced by Dicapta under EnhAccess are available for children with sensory disabilities or anyone else that may benefit from accessibility assets, everywhere, anytime.

The All4Access clearinghouse is funded in part by the Department of Education, Office of Special Education under their Television Access Program.

All4Access is a universal clearinghouse of accessibility assets that facilitates its exchange while protecting the rights of media creators. By having the AD (audio descriptions), CC (closed captions), subtitles, or ASL (American Sign Language) version of your content in All4Access:

  • Your assets will be in the cloud protected and available for you at any time.
  • You can participate in any screening with the confidence of having your content accessible to audiences with disabilities or other audiences that may use the assets stored in the All4Access repository, using the All4ccess application, or any other app connected to the repository.
  • Your content will be accessible regardless of where or how your audience is watching it.
  • You contribute with your example to building an inclusive, equal, and diverse world for all of us.

Let's make media accessible together!