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Spectrum launched its Spectrum Access App

A man seated in front of a TV. On the upper right corner of the TV screen appear the captioning and audio description icons.

Great news! On May 7, Spectrum launched its Spectrum Access app, a free app available for iPhone to “provide entertainment access to persons with vision or hearing impairments.” The app enables users to play audio description or closed captioning directly from their phone or tablet. 

Carlos Martínez: raising a person with disabilities

Carlos Martínez

My name is Carlos Martínez, and I have two children with my partner, Priscilla and Carlos.

Priscilla doesn't have any disabilities, but Carlos, who was born with full vision, was diagnosed with Bilateral Retinoblastoma when he turned one year old. After severe treatments including chemotherapy, radiation, and laser therapy, the result was the loss of his eyes. This is where our journey began.


Communication with people with deaf-blindness during COVID-19

The forearm of a woman extends with the palm of her hand facing up. The hand of a man, with the palm facing down and the index finger slightly bended, approaches the woman's hand.

COVID-19 has undoubtedly impacted the way we all relate and communicate. Due to social distancing, virtual tools have become more prevalent for working, studying, staying informed and communicating with family and friends, just to mention a few areas. For certain people, such as those with deaf-blindness, distancing presents great challenges for communication.

Angela Roth, ASL Services Holdings CEO, Named Puerto Rican Woman Entrepreneur of the Year at The 7th Women Who Lead Summit

Angela Roth, with abundan black hair, big black eyes smiles. She wears a black jacket over a purple top.

Our dear friend Angela Roth, CEO of ASL Services Holdings, is presented with the Puerto Rican Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award at The 7th Women Who Lead SummitTM, held in San Juan, Puerto Rico. This year’s Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award recognizes the accomplishments of outstanding female entrepreneurship and business leadership in the Puerto Rican Latino community.