Homage to Norman

Myrna, her daugther Deloris, her husband Juan and her son Norman in front of a cream covered cake.

By María Victoria Diaz

I had the luck of seeing up close the strength of love and family.  It is the kind of love that you don’t see much and makes us ask ourselves if it is an invention of poets or of Disney’s magic.

Widening of Closed Captioned In-Flight Entertainment Coming Soon

Airplane, Woman with glasses looks forward to the back of a seat in front of her

It’s always good to find a variety of movies and TV programs available when you’re flying.  However, for deaf and hard of hearing people it must be very frustrating not to be able to access closed captioning, especially when they know that some of the movies and TV programs on the flight have already been captioned.

Recent Updates on Accessibility of Emergency Information on Television

Red triangle on white background. From the triangle comes out the word

Last November, the Federal Communications Commission – FCC - announced that beginning on November 30, 2015, “video programming distributors (VPDs) must ensure that their televised emergency information is conveyed aurally through the use of a secondary audio stream, when such information is conveyed visually during programming other than newscasts.”

2015 kept us busy!

A woman holds a sparkling candle

We continued working on new ideas and projects to bring accessible communications to people with hearing and vision disabilities.  We had the privilege to work with long-established partners and enlarge our network with other organizations that share our passion for accessibility. The year ended with the great news of new resources to continue working on our project “Captions and Video Description: Educational Tools for Hispanic Children with Disabilities.”   This was a fruitful year!