Project Zero Conference 2021 - Practices that Improve the Lives of People with Disabilities around the World

This year the conference will be between February 10 and 12, and the theme is Employment and Information and Communications Technologies (ICT).  It will take place using three parallel channels:

Channel 1: Highlights innovative projects and technologies.

Channel 2: Solutions and Communities of the Zero Project network.

Channel 3: Presents the work of organizations associated with the Zero Project.

Check the conference schedule and if it catches your attention, you can attend for free by registering on the following page

Also, this year the Zero Project highlights a list of 66 innovative employment practices and 16 ICT innovations that support people with disabilities from 47 different countries. Many of these practices have been implemented in several countries at the same time. Among those originated and/or implemented in the United States, the following stand out:

  • MiCase Case Management for Workplace Adjustments
  • Seeing IA
  • KAS Community Autism Project for Adults
  • Pedius Labor Inclusion
  • Personalized employment in the United States

Project Zero is a Convention initiated by the Essl Foundation in 2008, with the mission of supporting the implementation of the United Nations on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) and working for a world without barriers. It focuses on researching and sharing innovative practices and policies around the world.

If you are interested in these topics, we invite you to take advantage of the possibilities offered by virtuality and attend. The conference starts tomorrow and runs through Friday.