Vocal Music Performances Interpreted in American Sign Language at Timucua Arts Foundation in Orlando

Each concert will be preceded by a social event at 6:30 p.m. where deaf and hard of hearing audience members can socialize, tour the venue, and view the current visual art exhibition. Doors open at 7:00 p.m., and the show starts at 7:30 p.m. Admission to all events is free, with donations encouraged.

Series Schedule

Several microphones lighted by stage lights. The sign language icon floats next to a microphone on the left. A phrase on the top right says Timucua Arts Foundation. Sunday, March 15th

Performer: Kristina Koller

Visual artist: Jason Hunt

Sunday, April 19th

Performer: Virginia Schenck

Visual Artist: Charles Everett

Sunday, August 2nd

Performer: Zoe McCrae

Visual Artist: TBD

Sunday, August 30th

Performer: The Helena Collective

Visual Artist: TBD

Timucua is a fantastic place in Orlando to enjoy a variety of artistic performances such as jazz, classical music, pop, and more. And it doesn't only present music. In February, a fine cast of actors read the film Field of Dreams.

Last year, we had the opportunity to be there for the Tribute to Luciano Diaz, a beloved composer and musician from Colombia. Dicapta and ASL Services provided the accessibility for the concert. We offered captions for the video portions of the performance, and ASL services brought ASL interpreters for the deaf, hard of hearing and deaf-blind that attended the event.

We celebrate that Timucua is providing ASL for the new series and also creating a space for the deaf and hard of hearing audience to socialize previous to the concerts. This continues to confirm what a special place Timucua is.


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