WeCamFest Inclusive Film Festival

WeCamFest is organized in Colombia by the CIREC Foundation, and the Social Cinema Foundation. The objective of the festival is to promote the inclusion of people with disabilities in Latin America, and the world, through cinema. In line with it, both foundations trained in cinematography 90 people with different types of disabilities. 9 of their trainees were selected to be part of the production team for the documentaries Mineland and La Cima.

Mineland tells the story of 6 landmine victims, who speak about the pain inflicted by violence, and also about their capacity for forgiveness and resilience.

Wilmar Marulanda is the protagonist of La Cima. He is a Paralympic cyclist with great aspirations, who recounts his struggle to overcome adversity and reach the top. This documentary has already won awards at various film festivals.

Other productions that are part of the festival, and that have very suggestive titles, are 18 months Deciphering the Eyes of Candy, Difer3nte, The Dinosaur's Egg, The Sense of Cocoa, The Missing Signals, Beats of Mine, Mind Mending, among others. The full catalog is available here.

It is fabulous that this festival is online with what is happening in other places, where people with disabilities are both in front of the camera and behind it, following the motto “nothing about us without us”.

Congratulations to the CIREC Foundation and the Social Cinema Foundation for carrying out this initiative and promoting inclusion in the spirit of involving people with disabilities in the stories told about themselves. Having their point of view enriches our vision of the world and creates bridges that brought all of us closer.