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Conversations about Audio Description for Latinos in the US, Effortless Universal Access, and More

We are thrilled with the most recent podcast episode of Reid My Mind featuring Dicapta's President, Maria Victoria Diaz. Reid My Mind is hosted and produced by Tom Reid. Tom, like Maria Victoria, has Hispanic roots, loves music, advocates for accessibility, and is a tech geek.

María Victoria Díaz playing the flute

Tom started doing his podcast in 2006, a couple of years after losing his vision. Tom's podcast is about accessibility, adjusting to vision loss, advocacy, technology, etc., but above all, it’s about having meaningful conversations. Tom warmly brings his guests to his virtual home and knows how to make them open up their hearts and minds. In this episode, Maria Victoria shares stories of her work in the field of accessibility that even some on her own team are hearing for the first time. She also shares her views on audio description for the Hispanic community in the US and Dicapta’s actions for effortless universal access.

I love this quote from one of his recent podcast episodes "sometimes being blind to those trying to alter your goals is what’s required." I believe Tom and Maria Victoria share that mindset. They are determined to change the world regardless of what other people say about their dreams.

We promise you that Tom and Maria's conversation is worth your time!