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Audio Description in Spanish and Greater Audiovisual Accessibility for All at Picture This Podcast

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What is the status of audio description in Spanish in the U.S.? What happens with the Secondary Audio Channel (SAP) when delivering audio description in Spanish? How can we make better use of existent accessibility assets? What about helping users to access accessibility assets in real-time, whenever and wherever they want? All these topics are addressed in the conversation that Dr. María Victoria Diaz, Dicapta’s President, had with Carl Richardson and Brian Charlson at their Picture This podcast.

Dr. Diaz has over 20 years of experience in the accessibility industry, with a special focus on accessibility in Spanish. During 2 episodes of Picture This, she talks about the challenges of audio description in Spanish and gives ideas on how to improve the availability of already created audio descriptions, and captions in any language. 

We are thankful to Carl and Brian for inviting Dr. Diaz to their insightful podcast. Listen to the 2 episodes of the podcasts at the following links:

Dr. María Victoria Diaz at Picture This Podcast - Part 1 - Audio Description in Spanish.

Dr. María Victoria Diaz at Picture This Podcast - Part 2 - Access4All Clearinghouse of Accessibility Assets.


About Picture This podcast

This is a show about audio description and accessible entertainment. Audio description is a process where the visual elements of a movie, television show, video, stage production, or museum tour are described for the benefit of those who are blind or have a visual impairment. The show is hosted by Brian Charlson and Carl Richardson.

Their mission is to inform those who would benefit from audio description of what is available and how to access it through demonstrations, interviews, and bringing attention to other online resources.