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Our Collaborators


Dicapta gathers together a diverse group of people with different cultural backgrounds, language, opinions and beliefs driven by the common goal of making  the world accessible/ spreading accessibility everywhere.

Our collaborators include a leadership team, production team, and a unique Advisory Group of people with disabilities, educators, parents, media experts, service providers, and accessibility experts.

The work with this diverse and committed team  guarantees the high quality of our products and services.


Leadership Team


María Victoria Diaz

Carol Colmenares

Amanda Cadena

Olga Collazos


Production Team


Christian Quintero

Javier Olarte

Johan Camilo Pena

Juan Ballen

Juan Gomez

Juan Manuel Londono

Juliana Olarte

Luz Helena Olarte

Oscar Javier Cuesta

Ruth Amparo Pena

Santiago Forero

Sergio Carrasquilla

Sonia Melo

Xiomara Huertas


Advisory Group


Get to know our advisors in-depth by visiting Our Mentor's Corner

Angela Roth

Barbara Ghammashi

Carlos Martinez

Conchita Hernandez

Corinne Vinopol

Dean Lermen

Gabriel Ponte-Fleary

Howard Rosenblum

Ileana Rivera

Jacklyn Packer

Jo Ann McCann

Juanita Rodriguez

Judy Mathews

Myrna Medina

Ricardo López

Susan LaVenture


Program Officer



Eric Carusso