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Latino is our native language


As part of our mission, we at Dicapta are working on building a community of interest among Latinos worldwide, particularly in Latino communities in the US who are beneficiaries of Audio Description in Spanish.

It is a fact that audio description in Spanish is much less prevalent than audio description in English. Although some content is audio described in Spanish, it is not easy to find information about its availability. The lack of FCC legislation on audio description in Spanish in the United States makes the road difficult. Our goal is that the legislation equally covers AD in Spanish and AD in English. With your help, we hope we can make a difference.

Latinos4Access is a group of strategies and initiatives with that goal.

Latinos4Access is initially using a Facebook group to gather TV and movie lovers, most of whom are blind or visually impaired, to discuss, give our opinions, and share audio described audiovisual content resources in Spanish. Join the discussion

Our current initiatives:

If you want to host accessible screenings in your local community, we would love to support your efforts! Send us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

  • Our Watch Party Para Ti is the last Friday of each month. We partner with fantastic content providers who have permitted us to celebrate audio descriptions in Spanish while discussing and having a good time together!

Our partners include Apple TV+, Netflix, Canal 22 International, POV, Angel Garcia-Crespo, and WIPR.

Find additional information about our Watch Parties Para Ti on our YouTube channel.

Coming soon:

“Quiero mi audio descripción Manifesto and campaign”