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Widening of Closed Captioned In-Flight Entertainment Coming Soon


Airplane, Woman with glasses looks forward to the back of a seat in front of her

It’s always good to find a variety of movies and TV programs available when you’re flying.  However, for deaf and hard of hearing people it must be very frustrating not to be able to access closed captioning, especially when they know that some of the movies and TV programs on the flight have already been captioned.

Airlines have been slow to offer closed captioned in-flight entertainment, but that is about to change thanks the agreement that Gogo and the National Association of the Deaf (NAD) made last month.  Gogo, a provider of broadband connectivity solutions and wireless entertainment to the aviation industry, will make available closed captioning for “100 percent of programming content sourced by Gogo and streamed through its on-demand in-flight entertainment service.”

This is great news!  Do you want to learn more?  Visit NAD’s website.