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Dicapta and Descolonizarte TEATRO Announce Groundbreaking Partnership to Enhance Accessibility in Orlando Arts Scene

ORLANDO, FL, January 31, 2024Dicapta, a leading communications technology company making media accessible for people with visual and hearing disabilities, and Descolonizarte TEATRO, a nonprofit Latinx theater organization based in Orlando that works at the intersection of Latinx, immigrant, and LGBTQ+ identities, unveil a new partnership dedicated to bringing diversity and accessibility to local arts. This collaboration marks a significant step in making Orlando’s cultural events more inclusive for all audiences.

To celebrate the partnership there will be a special community launch event on Wednesday, January 31. The event will feature a panel of esteemed local diversity experts who will discuss the importance of accessibility in the arts and the impact of this new collaboration. Kicking off the event, there will be a showing of the critically acclaimed film, Feeling Through, the first film ever to feature a DeafBlind actor in a lead role. Dicapta is proud to have worked closely with director Doug Roland in making this film accessible in Spanish with Audio Description and captioning in English and Spanish, as well as creating the Spanish version of the film.

“We’re excited to be announcing our partnership with Descolonizarte TEATRO, an organization that creates powerful and engaging productions for our Latinx community,” shared Maria-Victoria Diaz, CEO and President of Dicapta. “Dicapta has always been dedicated to bringing access to media, and now we’re expanding into the local arts and beyond so they can be experienced by everyone.”

“Since our inception, Desco has made financial and geographic accessibility to our programs a priority. Now we want to expand that accessibility alongside Dicapta to include people with disabilities, so everyone can enjoy our work,” shares Nadia Garzón, Executive Director of Descolonizarte TEATRO. “Our partnership with Dicapta will ensure that this transition is done in a conscious and intentional manner, with people with disabilities and experts are at the forefront of our efforts..”

Dicapta and Descolonizarte TEATRO are committed to expanding access to local art productions through this partnership. By integrating multiple accessibility services into performances and productions, the partnership aims to foster an environment where art is accessible to everyone, empowering communities that are often overlooked by the arts industry.

About Dicapta
Dicapta Corporation is a communications technology company focused on making media accessible for people with visual and hearing disabilities. It has offered high-quality audio description, captioning, and language customization services since 2004. Dicapta has served the TV industry, media companies, educational institutions, and a variety of organizations in making communications accessible to everyone. Dicapta has also been funded by the United States Department of Education and the United States Department of Health and Human Services to work on the creation of accessibility assets and the development of technology to improve access to media for people with sensory disabilities. Learn more at dicapta.com.

About Descolonizarte TEATRO
Descolonizarte TEATRO is a professional Latinx Theater organization, working at the intersection of latinx immigrant an LGBTQ+ identities. We promote the diverse Latin American experiences, cultures, and talents through theater and artistic and educational programming.


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