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Dicapta and Descolonizarte Teatro Forge Partnership to Boost Accessibility the Art's Scene

Accessible media comes in many different forms: films, books, TV shows, and even theatre. Due to their very nature, live experiences like theatre pose some challenges in terms of accessibility, which may make organizations shy away from it. At Dicapta, we celebrate when anybody wants to take on that challenge to make arts accessible to everyone.

Descolonizarte Teatro is ready to take on the challenge, and Dicapta is excited to announce a groundbreaking partnership to enhance accessibility in the Orlando arts scene.

On January 31st, Dicapta and Descolonizarte Teatro launched the partnership at the Edyth Bush Theatre in Orlando, featuring a screening of the Oscar-nominated short film "Feeling Through," the first film ever to feature a deafblind actor in a lead role. Dicapta is proud to have worked closely with director Doug Roland in making this film accessible in Spanish by creating the Spanish Audio Description and captions of the film, as well as creating the Spanish dubbed version.

The event also included a discussion panel with important figures in the disability community, such as Maria Victoria Diaz, CEO and President of Dicapta, Caroline Pitmann, and Kassandra Santiago. Caroline is a neurodiversity and disability activist, and Kassandra is a board member of the disability advisory board for Orange County, Florida.

“We’re excited to be announcing our partnership with Descolonizarte Teatro, an organization that creates powerful and engaging productions for our Latinx community,” shared Maria-Victoria Diaz, CEO and President of Dicapta. “Dicapta has always been dedicated to bringing access to media, and now we’re expanding into the local arts and beyond so they can be experienced by everyone.”

“The creative process and development of our productions are an involved and thorough process meant to bring awareness and empowerment to the Latinx community,” shares Nadia, Executive Director of Descolonizarte Teatro. “Our partnership with Dicapta will ensure crucial growth in the arts community.”

Desconolizarte Teatro is a nonprofit professional Latinx theater organization with the mission of promoting diverse Latin American experiences, cultures, and talents through artistic and educational programming with a focus on the intersection of Latinx, immigrant, and LGBTQIA+ identities. They have worked on several productions, including "Our Lady of The Tortilla," "La Maestra," and "Rosa de Dos Aromas."

Dicapta and Descolonizarte Teatro are committed to expanding access to local art productions through this partnership. By integrating multiple accessibility services into performances and productions, the partnership aims to foster an environment where art is accessible to everyone, empowering communities that are often overlooked by the arts industry.