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Semillitas Won The Outstanding Achievement Award in Spanish Media At The 2023 Audio Description Awards Gala.

Semillitas, a Dicapta's content partner since 2010, has been honored with the prestigious Outstanding Achievement award in Spanish Media at the 2023 Audio Description Awards Gala. The award underscores Semillitas' efforts in integrating audio description into their programming, making their content enjoyable and inclusive for audiences with visual disabilities. Semillitas has been at the forefront of distributing safe, positive, and accessible content for Latino preschoolers. Some of their series include Tina & Tony, Chuggington, Dr Panda, and classics like Maya the Bee. 

Semillitas' remarkable achievement is a shining testament to the vision and ethos of its parent company, SomosTV. "We at Somos TV would like to thank the ACB for giving Semillitas this award. Our staff is very happy since we work hard introducing a channel that provides safe and culturally relevant entertainment to all preschool-age Latino children. We believe that including AD in our content is a key service for all parents and caretakers and an essential component of our mission. We are committed to providing the best and safest entertainment for all Latino preschoolers. This recognition motivates all of us to keep Semillitas's role to support wholesome, positive, prosocial, and educational entertainment to the Latino family. Thank you" said José Antonio Espinal, VP of SomosTV.

Semillitas' commitment to presenting engaging, inclusive content aligns seamlessly with the spirit of the Audio Description Awards Gala. Their dedication not only enriches the viewing experience for all but also sets a commendable standard for the media industry. We are proud to collaborate with a channel devoted to providing accessible content for all.