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Pragda and Dicapta continue their collaboration

Dicapta is now working on creating audio descriptions for a new group of films from Pragda, the leading educational film distributor for the newest Latin American, Spanish, and Latinx cinema.

The films that will be accessible for users who are blind or have visual disabilities are Hero Steps, Tesoros, Luchadoras, The Delights, The Art of Cooking with Fire, Sublime, Carajita, This Stolen Country of Mine, Seven Dogs, Dreams of Chonta, and Fidel, Brave Child.

These critically acclaimed films tackle essential issues that make them relevant for an educational setting. In Seven Dogs, for example, a canine family becomes the catalyst for human connection in this heartwarming film about a lonely man looking for a way to keep his seven dogs in his apartment despite the neighbors’ threats. Thanks to the empathy of people who are also lonely, but share common spaces that connect them, the man finds a way to solve the conflict.

7 Silhouettes of dogs in different colors. Text: Seven dogs.

On the other hand, Hero Steps is about the life of Eduardo, a 10-year-old boy who is a victim of the armed conflict in Colombia and is missing one leg. However, that has not been an obstacle for him to achieve what he sets out to do. Alongside his music teacher, Eduardo, Valentina, and their friends will overcome several obstacles to achieve their goal: participating in the children's soccer tournament without being discovered.

Pragda scours the film landscape for the best films and documentaries each year and distributes them to educators all around the United States. Its movies are on the bleeding edge of important issues for the American Public, including immigration, feminism, and modern politics. Pragda has previously worked with incredible partners, including the Spanish Goverment, UCLA, University of Chicago, and Brown University. You can find their content on educational platforms like Kanopy and Alexander Street Press.

Audio description for Pragda films is funded by a grant from the U.S. Department of Education- Office of Special Education-OSEP, project "Enhanced Access to Video for Students with Sensory Disabilities through Emerging Technology," TV Access H327C210001 and will be available in the All4Access clearinghouse.