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How to provide feedback to improve accesibility


Feedback refers to the information, comments, or evaluations provided regarding the performance, usability of a product or service, and its effectiveness in responding to users' needs. It is a form of communication given with the purpose of improving, correcting, or reinforcing an action or outcome.

At Dicapta, we constantly strive to enhance our services and the experience of our users by involving them in product and service testing.

Here are some tips for gathering feedback from users with disabilities to ensure a truly inclusive and accessible user experience:

  • Conduct user testing sessions, where participants interact with your product while you observe and take note of their experiences, challenges, and suggestions.
  • Utilize online surveys targeting communities of people with disabilities to connect with potential users and gather their feedback.
  • Attend events and conferences focused on accessibility to engage with individuals with disabilities.
  • Implement email addresses, feedback widgets, and beta testing involving users with disabilities as effective ways to encourage and collect feedback.
  • Collaborating with accessibility experts can provide valuable insights, and individual interviews can offer a deeper understanding of users' needs.

Remember to keep an open mind when receiving feedback, avoid becoming defensive, and appreciate the time and effort users invest in providing their input.