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WIPR, a Puerto Rican Educational and Cultural Channel, joins EnhAcceSS


Collage the WIPR shows, Lab Six, La Fórmula Steam and Salud + Prevención


We welcome our new fantastic Television Partner: WIPR. This channel joins us in our initiative Enhanced Access to Video for Students with Sensory Disabilities through Emerging Technology (EnhAcceSS), funded by the U.S. Department of Education.

Who is WIPR? Think about PBS, and picture it in Puerto Rico. WIPR is a TV station owned and run by the Puerto Rico Public Broadcasting Corporation. It has been producing educational and cultural TV programming since 1958, being the first educational television station in Latin America and the third in the United States.

In addition to the quality of its content, WIPR incorporated American Sign Language (ASL) into much of its programming. We are very pleased to partner with an organization that has a demonstrated interest in accessibility.

Under the tele-education initiative “En Casa Aprendo” , WIPR has provided high-quality educational content to students at home, overcoming all the barriers imposed by COVID 19. This educational project works as a Tele-education component of the Puerto Rico Department of Education. It has been created with the collaboration of teachers, sign language interpreters, and technical and production talent. The project was launched in July 2020 as the #EnCasaAprendo summer camp. 

Thanks to its partnership with Dicapta, En Casa Aprendo's programming will now be accessible to everyone. The LabSix, La Fórmula STEAM, and Salud y Prevention programs are some of the titles included in this collaboration. Captions, audio descriptions, and ASL for all programming under this agreement will be available online, via YouTube, on-air, and through the All4Access app. Additionally, some content will also be available through DCMP, serving Spanish speakers without and without sensory disabilities across the country. 

We warmly welcome WIPR to our group of fabulous Television partners!