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The Documentary Faya Dayi will release with accesibility features


Next Monday, August 29, the POV movie Faya Dayi will premiere with accessibility features. Like the vast majority of films this season, this film is about a community, specifically the world of the Ethiopian Oromo and Harari communities. Both groups have a peculiarity and that is that their rituals and their daily lives revolve around the khat plant, which is capable of generating euphoria. 


As if under the hallucinogenic effects of the plant, Faya Dayi's black and white narrative unfolds like a dream. We see the lives of various members of the community and how they are affected by this plant, from those who harvest it to those who get high from it. 



Produced by American Documentary, POV is the longest-running independent documentary screening on American television. The award-winning anthology series features fourteen feature films this season with themes including environmental justice, systemic inequity, global perspectives on motherhood, and caregiving during multiple crises.

The audio description of the POV season 35 documentaries is available thanks to the work of Dicapta and is sponsored by the US Department of Education, under project H327C210001 "Improved Access to Video for Students with Sensory Impairments through emerging technology - EnhAccess".