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Canal 22 International Will Release Two New Accessible Shows About Mexican Artists


This month, Canal 22 Internacional releases a couple of accessible shows highlighting the work of two prominent Mexican artists: Efren Hernández and Julio Ruelas. 

"Cerrazón sobre Efrén Hernández" is a documentary about the iconic Mexican writer of the same name. Born in Guajanato in 1904, Hernández was a poet, screenwriter, and playwright considered one of Mexico's great short fantasy story writers. The documentary will release on September 2nd. 

A man with a 40's suit seen from the back


On the other hand, "Julio Ruelas y la mujer Serpiente" is about the life of a different type of artist, Julio Ruelas, an illustrator, painter, and engraver. This 60-minute documentary looks at his body of work and his enormous influence on Mexican art's panorama. The documentary will release on September 16th. 

The artist Julio Ruelas. Next to him a model poses in a floral dress


The accessibility for these programs is available through the All4Access app.

The audio description and captions for these programs are available thanks to the work of Dicapta and are sponsored by the US Department of Education under project H327C210001 "Improved Access to Video for Students with Sensory Impairments through emerging technology - EnhAccess."