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Colombian Ministry Announces Completion of Dicapta Foundation Project


Last month, the Colombian Ministry of Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) announced the completion of the Dicapta Foundation project, “Colombia Comprende.”  This project and three others were funded by the Colombian Ministry of ICT jointly with the Ministry of Culture, through the program, “Crea Digital 2014.”  See the press release at the Ministry of ICT.

Comprende logo. A smiling computer screen stands above the word "Comprende Colombia” was used to add accesible content produced in Colombia to the video library Comprende and to make improvements to the video library technical platform.  Comprende hosts educational digital content accesible to children with vision and hearing disabilities whose first language is Spanish.

The objective of Comprende is to provide the continent’s hispanic children with visual and hearing disabilities access to educational audio visual material. Visit Comprende at Website Link http://www.ecomprende.com/