Autism is a disability that is often neglected in the workplace. According to the Brtitish NHS, symptoms of autism can include: finding it hard to understand what others are thinking or feeling, seeming blunt, rude or not interested in others without meaning to, and having the same routine every day and getting very anxious if it changes. 

As you can imagine, this can make the workplace a rough environment for someone with autism. This is why this National Disability Employment Awareness Month or (NDEAM) we have decided to pay a homage to those organizations that support autistic entrepreneurs. 

On this occasion, we have decided to talk about “The Art of Autism Project”. This non-profit website seeks to empower autistic individuals by giving them a platform in which to display, sell and promote their art. They also provide artists with the tools they need to develop their entrepreneurial skills through mentorship programs. In the Art of Autism project, several filmmakers, singers, writers and poets find the opportunity they need to be able to grow in the art world. 

Many faces converge in this art piece. Title:


The Art of Autism Project has a Board Composition of approximately 50 percent autistic members. More than 50 organizations have benefited from The Art of Autism exhibits and presentations, and they regularly get more than 100,000 visitors per month to their website. 

You can support this wonderful organization by donating to them, or simply by visiting their website and checking out the different artists they promote. For example, in this link they have a list of organizations that support, artists, musicians, entertainers, computer geeks and entrepreneurs on the autism spectrum.




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