“Javier Sicilia, en la soledad del otro”, is now available with audio description and captions for the entire public. This Canal 22 Internacional series is part of the "Expediente humano" programming, which seeks to talk about the life and work of those who mark the culture of Mexico through their contributions. Among the characters that this program has highlighted are Amalia Hernández, Efraín Huerta and Gabriel Figueroa. 

“Javier Sicilia, en la soledad del otro”  shows a discussion with the Mexican poet, novelist, essayist and activist Javier Sicilia about the murder of his son, Juan Soto. In 58 minutes, the violence of Mexico, the grief of a father and the war on drugs are explored. 



 Several people protest in front of a bus

Javier's son was murdered in Temixco, Morelos in 2011 by members of organized crime in Mexico. This led Sicilia to abandon poetry and lead several protests against violence in Mexico. Under the motto "Estamos hasta la madre" (“we are fed up” in english), he has become an important figure in the search for peace in his country. 

You can see the trailer for "Javier Sicilia, en la soledad del otro" by following this link. The series premieres June 24 at 5:00 pm PT, or 8:00 pm ET. Accessibility for this programming is sponsored by the US Department of Education. 


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