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Dicapta is glad to be working with the  Described and Captioned Media Program (DCMP) in our effort to increase the accessibility options for people with sensory disabilities in the United States. 

As part of our joint commitment to increase the availability of accessible content, the DCMP has created a section for bilingual content on its website. In this section, users may, for example, watch a video with Spanish captions and English audio or vice versa. Students that are learning English but are more proficient in Spanish, or vice versa, can benefit from the use of these capabilities available on the DCMP platform. Several of the titles included in this collection have been made available at the DCMP, thanks to Dicapta's work with our content partners. Content from Canal 22 Internacional, WIPR, Crawford Entertainment, and others are now available in the DCMP. 

Both organizations have successfully worked together in the past. For example, since 2021, the Dicapta workshop "Let's Describe," which seeks to provide teachers with the tools to describe visual content, has been made freely available online on the DCMP platform thanks to our partnership. We also joined forces to add ASL to a variety of titles. 

Our partnership has proven time and again to be fruitful and productive for both organizations. We will keep working together to keep bringing accessible content to those who need it. 

The Described and Captioned Media Program is the nation's leading source of accessible educational videos. Families and school personnel with at least one early learner—Grade 12 student with a disability can register for free access to thousands of videos.


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