June 2024

Two Donkey Hodie characters, puppet donkeys, one gray wearing glasses and the other yellow with pink hair, holding cups and sandwiches while chatting. They are seated on a bench against an animated backdrop of trees and mountains.





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PBS Kids, Amazon Channel, Amazon Prime Video, Hoopla, DirecTV and the Described and Captioned Media Program (DCMP).

Donkey Hodie

211 - Bob Dog is afraid of Harriett’s hot air balloon and runs inside when he sees it in the sky. Can he face his fear and play outside with his pals?/Purple Panda is away for a whole week! 212 - Donkey feels jealous when Grampy gives Panda a piano lesson. Will they do more things without her? And will they stop being her best friend and grampy?/Duck Duck is disappointed when she misses her favorite band. Can the pals help her feel better? 213 - Donkey makes Grampy a card to tell him how special he is to her, but on her way to deliver it, she gets into a few sticky situations. Harriett’s new invention isn’t attracting penguins as she hoped. Can Donkey and Panda help figure out why? 214 - Donkey and Cousin Hodie’s plans are ruined by a big rainstorm. Can they figure out new ways to have fun in the rain?/At Grampy’s Game Day, Cousin doesn’t know how to play the game Grampy planned. Can Donkey patiently wait her turn while he learns?

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Fred Rogers Productions