April 2024

The rounded edge of a turquoise seabed stands out among the dark blue ocean. To the left, a white boat sails through the water. White Text: Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef. The quest to save an Australian icon.





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Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef

On the Great Barrier Reef, climate change isn’t a question anymore. It’s happening now, and at an alarming pace. Back-to-back coral bleaching events, cyclones, and record-breaking warm water are just some of the threats creating a perfect storm for our reef and the marine life that depends on it. United by a love of the ocean, a new breed of aquatic vigilantes aren’t waiting for 'someone else' to fight the threats to our greatest natural wonder. Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef explores what it means to confront the climate crisis head on, to move beyond apathy and inaction, and to harness the necessary optimism and imagination required to build the new world we so urgently need. For scientists aboard the Adori II expedition, the question is not whether a healthy reef is possible, but what we will do together to make it happen.

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