March 2024

A man in a woolen hat and jacket looks through a camera with a long lens. A pair of killer whales emerge from the ocean in the background.





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A Lens on the World

Incredible photography has a power. It can inspire or incite, delight or disgust. It can provoke action. And, as history has shown us, it can even change the world. But what’s behind those iconic photographs that inspire hearts and minds, those images that expose the world’s most urgent issues? In collaboration with Nikon, A Lens on the World follows world renowned environmental photographer Kiliii Yuyan, as he heads out to investigate the decline of the Southern Resident Killer Whales off the coast of Seattle, allowing us to not only appreciate the knowledge, dedication and passion it takes to be an environmental photographer, but also gain a deeper understanding of why incredible imagery plays an important role in solving the issues the world faces.

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