February 2024

Dimly lit image. A man stands in front of a snow-covered mountain range in the background. He wears a thick winter jacket and has a bandana around his head.





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Through Darkness

High up in northern Norway, above the Arctic Circle, five snowboarders, some local, some visitors, are out in the mountains during the polar night. Their attention to the dark is curious, their perception focused on their immediate surroundings. Their field of view is narrowed along with the length of daylight, everyday life becomes a challenge, one's own rhythm changes. They must not only overcome the lack of sight but also the risks of steep avalanche terrain. This film explores the concept of darkness through the eyes of different people. Is darkness just the absence of light? Do we need darkness, in order to recognise the brightness of light? Can we really understand the fullness of life when we are buried in a crisis?

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