Dicapta joins Nickelodeon Latin America in its leadership in favor of audiovisual accessibility for children

How does it work? Children must have the Access4All app on their mobile devices. When the special is on television, the application must listen to the program and synchronize with it to make available the descriptive audio, the subtitles for the deaf, and the Mexican sign language. Each person chooses what they want to use, and that's all! The application can be downloaded completely free from the App Store or the Google Play Store and works in conjunction with the Access4All repository in the cloud.

Cartoon of a pirate boy raising a sword next to a chest. On the right, on a mobile phone, a boy does sign language. In orange letters the word Nickelodeon appears at the bottom of the phone screen.

This TV special has been prepared with great dedication. It includes the presentation of a QR code that makes it easy to download the Access4All app, and, my favorite feature, the descriptive audio, and sign language are interpreted by children!

We applaud the leadership of Nickelodeon Latin America in favor of audiovisual accessibility in LATAM using Access4All. It is a great example to follow to provide equal access to the children of the region.