Accessibility in Spanish is protagonist of the 4th Ibero-American Film Festival Miami

This is the first time that within a film festival in the United States, several movies in Spanish are presented in a movie theater with full accessibility!

On Friday, at 8:00 p.m., the Festival will be presenting the film El dilema del prisionero, by the Spanish director Angel García, and the short film Requesón. Both films will be presented with captions in Spanish and English, audio description (AD) in Spanish, and American Sign Language (ASL). Register here to get the tickets for this session.

On Saturday, November 6th, at 3:00 p.m., Dicapta will host the panel “Para que veas,” addressed to the audiovisual industry. This panel will be about media accessibility and its impact on the inclusion of new audiences. During it, attendees will be able to experience media from the perspective of blind audiences. Register here to get the tickets for this session.

It will be followed by the presentation of the short film El Vampiro de la Ortografía and the documentary En los ojos de Graciela Iturbide at 4:00 p.m. The film and the documentary will also be accessible for all audiences. Register here to get the tickets for this session.

Requesón, El Vampiro de la Ortografía, and the documentary En los ojos de Graciela Iturbide are all Canal 22 original productions. Canal 22 is a Mexican Public TV channel created to disseminate the best artistic and cultural expressions from Mexico and the world.

Our thanks to Canal 22, Global VRS, ASL Services, the IAFFM and the U.S. Department of Education for making it possible to bring audiovisual accessibility to the audience of the festival.

If you live in the Miami area and enjoy watching movies with accessibility, join us at the Silverspot Cinema Downtown, Miami, on November 5th and 6th. Prior to the event, we suggest you to download the app Access4All to your mobile device, available for iOS and Android.

About the IAFFM

The IAFFM held its first edition in 2016 as the Indie Pasión Festival. It started as a one-day event and has grown into four full days packed with screenings, forums, special events, and networking mixers. The Festival’s mission is to exhibit and celebrate films from Latin America, Spain, and Portugal that possess a high level of artistry and are otherwise noteworthy for communicating a meaningful and powerful message of social impact.

The 4th IAFFM will take place in Miami, Florida, at the Silverspot Cinema. This year, Mexico will be the guest country. As a homage to the Mexican women in the movies, the festival will be presenting a fantastic photography exposition about the actresses who have received the Ariel award in Mexico.

The Festival will screen over 40 movies, and it is an opportunity to see films that otherwise may not be shown at the Movie Theaters in Miami. 8 Films among these 40 will be competing to receive the IAFFM, Miami 2021 award.

The IAFFM also includes a masterclass, a selection of Fashion Films directed by women, the 48 Hour Project, and even a Day of Death Celebration.  The 48 Hour Project is competition addressed to future filmmakers from all over the world. Their challenge is to make a short film in a period of 48 hours using their mobile phones. The film’s theme should be related to Latin America. See more information about this fabulous Festival that is bringing together filmmakers from Ibero-America in the Festival’s press release.