Ejemplo mala imagen

a shadow of a man in a wheelchair projects in a tent

Next January 16 the POV movie I Didn't See You There will be released with accessibility features.  

The Documentary President Premiers with Accessibility Features

Nelson Chamisa, the Zimbawean presidential candidate, in a rally

After the fall of Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe’s leader from 1987 to 2017, the military ensured the population that they will have free elections for their next leader. It is against this background of a newborn democracy that Camilla Nielson’s  “President” takes place.  

Cine con Sentido will have a new venue at the Molaa

Manuel Toledo runs with kites. Behind him, children follow

Dicapta is pleased to announce that the Museum of Latin American Art (Molaa) will join the Cine Con Sentido project with the screening of the film "A World Without Toledo" on July 8. Additionally, Molaa plans to have additional screenings on the second Friday of each month.