Dicapta Provided Accessibility Services in Fred Rogers Productions Writers Meet and Greet


Last December 14, Dicapta provided our ASL and live captioning services for our partners at Fred Rogers Productions in their Writer’s Neighborhood Meet and Greet. 

Writer’s Neighborhood is a fellowship program that teaches how to build a career as a freelancer. It is one of the ways in which Fred Roger’s productions seeks to promote diversity in children’s media. 

The event featured an inaugural welcome speech by Ellen Doherty, Chief Creative Officer of Fred Rogers Productions. Brandea Turner, program manager for the Writers' Neighborhood, continued by asking the fellows to introduce themselves and answer a few key questions about their involvement in the program, such as “What inspires your writing?” and “What shows would you like to freelance write on?”. This was followed by a Q&A by Ellen and Brandea, and finally, a wrap-up of the event by Brandea. 

As mentioned before, Dicapta provided ASL and live captioning services for this event. We are proud to have participated in an event that promotes the growth of writers which such different cultural backgrounds and rich histories.