Good trip Orly


Bogotá. Outdoors, sunny day. Standing, Orlando Arenas embraces Lourdes Fiallos and María Victoria Díaz, at his sides.

By Maria Victoria Diaz

Knowing that you would leave so soon, I would have made sure to repeat to you a thousand times how talented you were, how silly you were, and how your voice and your laughter will continue to be heard for a long time. We will meet again, and I will tell you all that. We will laugh again with the memories of the adventures we shared.

Orlando was an unparalleled talent that guided us many years ago when we faced the adventure of doing live dubbing. At that time, my business partner and I accepted the challenge of dubbing the Oprah Winfrey show in Spanish, and it was Orlando who led this company to achieve what seemed impossible among the technological challenges.

I could share a thousand anecdotes from that experience, but, today, when I bring back those memories, it is easy to assure: only Orlando Arenas could have directed that daily madness. His wonderful, versatile and precise voice, along with his talent for guiding his fellow criminals on set each day, brought the Oprah Show to life in Spanish. We haven't seen anything like it since then.

From then on, Orlando accompanied us in Dicapta on thousands of adventures; and his extraordinary talent no longer surprised me. Perfectionist, disciplined, demanding, good friend, and with the difficult character of great artists. Orly leaves us very soon. Today, with sadness, it only remains to pay tribute to this artist of incomparable talent who has gone to enjoy eternal life.

We took a few hours to look for recordings of the work we did with Orly in these 15 years. We wanted to share some of them in this tribute to his great talent, but none of the recordings seemed to do justice! .. so we gave up the attempt. Orly, thanks for sharing those hours of work and laughter with us.

Meanwhile, here on earth, we continue to doubt the devastating march of this virus, ignoring the warnings, defying this common enemy that brings tears and desolation, and today the wonderful voice of Orlando Arenas has silenced. Have a good trip Orly, we'll see you ... God only knows when.