All4Access impressed the participants of the Global Disability Youth Summit


The 24-hour virtual Global Disability Youth Summit (GDYS) was held the past 14 of January. The first one of its kind, the GDYS was a showcase for the innovations that young people with disabilities have created at the regional, local, and global levels. 

The summit consisted of several spaces for discussion, one of which was the webinar “Stress-Free Recreation for everyone.” This panel was moderated by Daniel Palacios and featured Gabriel Heredia, Amelia O’Hare, Andrea Tock, and Nefertiti Matos Olivares as speakers. It tackled the importance of recreation in a free and inclusive environment and the key role accessibility plays in making entertainment available for everyone.

Zoom Meeting displaying an ASL interpreter, Daniel Palacios and Nefertiti Matos Olivares. On the bottom left, the Youth Disability Global Summit logo.

As Partnership Development Coordinator for Dicapta, Nefertiti participated in this webinar by explaining the capabilities of All4Access, Dicapta's repository of accessibility elements, created in collaboration with the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid and funded in part by the Department of Education of the United States. Matos Olivares showcased the technology by using footage of the short “Requesón” to demonstrate the availability of captions, audio descriptions, and American Sign Language for all participants of the event. 

The presentation focused on the accessibility features that All4Access provides in terms of audio description, captions, and subtitle technology. It showed that All4Access is not merely an app but a platform available for content creators, distributors, and broadcasters to look for or upload their accessibility assets.

On the right, Zoom Meeting displaying an ASL translator, and 2 participants. On the left, an animation of a  grasshopper. To its right, a phone shows an ASL interpreter. The Youth Disability Global Summit on the top left.

It also tackled the need for these technologies amid the COVID-19 pandemic. “I can tell you this technology couldn't have come at a better time. The free access to this application has been revolutionary for my life and the lives of many others,” said Nefertiti.

The showcase of the technology was met with an overwhelmingly positive response. “This is a major breakthrough for people with disabilities who want access to audiovisual media,” said moderator Daniel Palacios after the presentation. “It is also a plus for people with disabilities that don’t have access to dubbed content in our language”. 

Overall, Dicapta is proud to have participated in the Global Disability Youth Summit, where the ideas of many young leaders with disabilities were shared and discussed. Dicapta hopes that the participants can find in All4Access an avenue to enjoy their free time without boundaries.