Dicapta and KET will work together to provide more accessible transitional content

Collage of several people displaying key workplace abilities such as marketing, construction and soft skills 

Dicapta and the Kentucky Educational Television (or KET) are working together (with the funding of the Department of Education) to make several of KET's educational shorts fully accessible by including audio description and closed captions. 

The educational content Dicapta is working with includes Work Ready, Social Studies Shorts, Think Garden, and Kentucky Studies.

The Work Ready series includes transitional content, which aims to help school students gain the tools they need to tackle adult life, whether in higher education or the workplace. This series addresses some topics such as time management, problem-solving, interviewing, and marketing. 

Think Garden is a video collection that helps educate elementary students on the art of growing food and the economics and science behind the process.  

There is also a series of shorts called "Kentucky Studies" that aims to teach the young ones about the rich culture of this southeastern state. "History of the Banjo" and "Fred Keams and the Navajo Flute" are some of the topics that the episodes of this show tackle. 

KET is known as "Kentucky's largest classroom." It is a producer of digital education tools for the classroom and Kentucky's highest-quality source for public affairs and cultural programming. Through the thousands of free online resources KET provides at KET.org/education and in PBS LearningMedia, educators can complement classroom instruction with video, virtual learning, and other engaging digital learning tools. 

You don't need to be in Kentucky to watch its programming. You can watch on-demand at Ket.org, the PBS Video App, and the KET app. You can also watch on cable, satellite, and streaming services.

Dicapta is proud to work with KET and hopes that we can continue to grow this relationship to make more educational content accessible to America.