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Kelvin Corsby is TikTok's star Potter - Deafblind Awareness Month


During deaf-blind awareness month, we at Dicapta have decided to put the spotlight on some figures of the deaf-blind community.


Sometimes, a person with immense talent will pop out of nowhere and become a social media sensation. This can happen to anyone, and in the particular case of Kelvin Crosby, he happens to have gathered a large TikTok following while being part of the deaf-blind community. 


Kelvin was born with Type II Usher syndrome, a condition that affects his hearing and vision. Throughout his life, he has begun to lose his vision gradually. 


However, Kelvin is also a talented potter. He decided to share his life experience on TikTok and has gathered a large following in this space. Kelvin currently has 289.2 K followers and more than 5.2 million likes on TikTok. 



His tag "Finding healing in pottery, Inspiring others, Living beyond my challenges" pretty much sums up his presence on TikTok. Kelvin uses this space to share not only pottery tips but life advice. 


His personality is marked by strong optimism. As he says, "using my pottery gift and my stories, I have come to enjoy being able to share my talent of inspiring people through my pottery and telling my story despite the challenges I face with my speech and hearing loss."


This sentiment is expressed in one of his other taglines "There is no negative in degree Kelvin, so there is no negative here." 


Kevin has managed to turn his social media presence into a business. He sells all kinds of pottery on his website. The twist is that every one of his pieces carries three rings, his brand's trademark, carved into the bottom. "The one on the top is joy, the second in the middle is perseverance, and the bottom one is character," said Kelvin. Each of the pieces is handmade, so each one is unique. 


You can follow Kelvin on his TikTok and visit his online store here.