Dicapta joins POV to provide accessibility for their 35th season


Dicapta celebrates joining POV to provide the audio description for the fourteen films of its 35th season. This is the second time Dicapta has worked with POV to bring accessibility to a season, thanks to the funding of the U.S. Department of Education. 


Produced by American Documentary, POV is the longest-running independent documentary showcase on American television. The award-winning anthology series will premiere fourteen features with themes that include environmental justice, systemic inequity, global perspectives on motherhood, and caregiving during multiple crises.


Some of this season's films are related to the topic of disability. These include: I Didn't See You There, a movie shot by a filmmaker with disabilities that explores his life and his relationship with his disability, and He's My Brother, a film about the caretaker of a man that suffers from multiple disabilities, and can only experience the world through taste, smell and touch. 

 A doctor in protective gear holds a newborn

The season also tackles recent topics such as the coronavirus pandemic. One of the films, Wuhan Wuhan, to be released on July 11, documents the time between February and March 2020 in Wuhan when the coronavirus was first discovered. 


In addition to the audio description, Dicapta will be providing POV with accessibility guidelines for their lesson plans and other informational material.


“For Dicapta, it is a pleasure to work with such a dedicated, organized, and responsible team that is determined to create accessible and high-quality content,” said María Victoria Díaz, CEO and President of Dicapta.


Audio description and captions for the documentaries in POV's 35th season will be available in the All4Access app. Audio description for POV's 35th season is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education, under project H327C210001 “Enhanced Access to Video for Students with Sensory Disabilities through Emerging Technology - EnhAccess”.