Bring your audiovisual productions to new audiences

If you are a filmmaker or a TV producer, have you ever wondered how audiences who are blind or deaf watch your creations? Do they really watch TV or movies? The answer is yes, they do, and they enjoy them as much as everybody else… Well, they should enjoy them as much as everybody else.

Opening an audiovisual production to the world of the blind and the deaf can extend the reach of your creations. It can also be a creative adventure. Making an audiovisual production accessible to deaf audiences is easy; you just add captions to it. To make an audiovisual production accessible to blind audiences, you need to add an audio description track to it. This could be a challenging but rewarding process.

When an audiovisual production has been audio described, it has alternate audio that includes a narration that helps the blind user understand what is happening on the screen.

About Dicapta. Dicapta escrito con una mezcla de Braille, lengua de señas y alto contraste.

Check this audio description example of the documentary Detroit 48202:Conversations Along a Postal Route.

Thanks to resources from the US Department of Education, Dicapta can create an audio description track for your creation at no cost to you. Contact us to get more details and bring your creations to new audiences.