a group of dancers in a park 



Experiencing the world, one dance at a time" is the premise of "Bare Feet by Mickela Mallozzi," the Emmy Award-Winning show that has 4 of its seasons with full accessibility. We are delighted to share that Dicapta, thanks to the funding from the Department of Education and under its EnhAccess project, will create the audiodescription for its 5th season. 

"Bare Feet" follows professional dancer and trained musician Mickela Mallozzi as she goes around the world, experiencing the dances of different cultures. She has learned almost every type of dance, from the Tango in Argentina to the Waltz in Viena to some obscure dances, such as the Scottish Hogmanay. 

However, Mickela not only learns the dances of the cultures she visits, but she also immerses herself in all of their artistic expressions. For example, season 2 of the show consists entirely of discovering the various ethnic neighborhoods of NYC and learning all about their music, traditions, and arts. 

We are looking forward to continuing to share the cultural expressions of the globe by working together with host and producer Mickela Mallozzi to make this series accessible for all. 

Watch previous seasons of Bare Feet on the show's website, PBS, Amazon Prime, YouTube, and the DCMP. This summer, the 5th season will air on local PBS stations, and accessibility will be available on-air and through All4Access. 

You can download All4Access from Google Play and the Apple Store. All4Access is a global repository that stores media accessibility assets, such as captions, audio descriptions, and American Sign Language. It simplifies the way assets are shared and used while protecting the rights of media creators. All4Access is a technology created by Dicapta and the Universidad Carlos II de Madrid, funded in part by the U.S. Department of Education.


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