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Group of people at a conference smile and clap.

The 2nd annual NYC Digital Inclusion Conference (DiCon) will be on May 16, 2019, on Global Accessibility Awareness Day. The New York City Mayor’s Office for People with Disabilities and Creative Communications at the Mayor’s Office are hosting this one-day conference on digital accessibility and inclusion.

White letters over black background "CNLD Nada Sobre Nosotrxs sin Nosotrxs."

This week is the 3rd Annual Conference of the National Coalition for Latinxs with Disabilities (CNLD by its acronym in Spanish). "The purpose of the annual conference is to build community, share our stories with one another, and provide updates on activism, policy and research at the intersection of Disability and Latinidad." 

A speaker talks in front of an audience in a conference room.

It is exciting to see the quality and number of events happening every year related to our community.  People with visual and/or hearing disabilities, their families, educators, health professionals and technology companies, all hold events that are a place to share experiences, discuss policy issues, plan for advocacy, improve teaching methods, learn about new technologies, etc.

Drawing. Golden medal over a green pleated circular ribbon. 2 red ribbons hang from it

As we approach the last quarter of 2017, it is hard to believe we are in the middle of September already, there are a few deadlines looming and several activities approaching. Here we include a list of a couple of award nominations and a few activities of interest. Act now if you want to nominate somebody for the awards or register for the activities.

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In a previous post we talked about cooking techniques for cooks who are blind or have low vision, and closed our post with chef Christine Ha’s video. Christine is an amazing chef who gradually lost her sight between 1999 and 2007. She now hosts the TV program “Four Senses” with Carl Heinrich, winner of “Top Chef” Canada.

A cup of black coffee. White sugar falls in the coffee from a spoon.

Dinning in the Dark made me wonder about other things, like how it would be to cook in the dark.  How can you identify the right condiments, and not end up putting salt instead of sugar in the coffee (I have seen it happen!).  Or even something as basic as avoid burning yourself while taking a dish out of the oven would be harder if you could not see.

Lobby. Judy Matthews, from Lighthouse, and 5 people from Dicapta stand together smiling.

By Maria Victoria Diaz

Last week, I had the opportunity to have dinner in the dark on Thursday night. For three years in a row, I had missed the same event organized by Lighthouse Central Florida and Second Harvest Food, but I finally made it!

Glasses and bottles dimly lit by candles

Our friends from Lighthouse Central Florida have partnered with Second Harvest Food Bank, for a 4th year in a row, to host Dining in the Dark on July 27th.  The Orlando Police Department’s SWAT team members are again joining the event as Guest Servers and will be wearing their night-vision goggles to navigate the dinning room.  The event is already sold out, but you can still add your name to the wait list.

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We have put together a list of several upcoming events of interest for our community.  Come, learn and share your knowledge and experiences with others!