Over a table: a gun, 3 bullets, a bag of cocaine and several dollars spread around

Many of the titles Netflix offers include Audio Description in English and it is remarkable that now they have an original series described in Spanish.  “Narcos” is the story of the Colombian drug dealer Pablo Escobar, who was the leader of the Cartel de Medellín during the 80s.

According to Netflix blog, they have been working on improving accessibility for the visually impaired not by just adding audio description to some of their original series but also by improving their technical platform. Since June, Netflix platform provides an Audio Description link at the bottom of the home page, to make it easier to find movies and TV shows that included audio description tracks.

Hopefully this Spanish audio described title is the first of many more to come. For now, watch “Narcos” and do not forget to tell Netflix that you enjoyed watching the series with audio description; that may motivate the inclusion of audio description in more series.


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