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Theater. The Addams Family scene. Subtitles appear on a transparent lectern.

Since December 3rd the fun Broadway show, The Addams Family, is being presented with accessibility in the theater Teatro Calderon of Madrid.  Thanks to an innovative technology called Stage-Sync, people with auditive and visual disabilities, can now enjoy this show as much as people without disabilities.

Christmas ornament with pine branches and cones, stars and hearts over brown wood

The busy Holiday season has started! I personally cherish my childhood memories of the fun during this time of the year; the lights, the presents, the food, the music and the special events.  Just last year, I attended A Christmas Carol performance and that was like magic!  I was transported to another time.  I left the theater walking on clouds and feeling inspired and happy.

playing cards spread on a surface, an ace on top

Last month, the documentary Dealt opened in selected movie theaters.  It is being presented with audio description.  That alone is not news, most new movies shown in theaters now have audio description available. In this case, it is more important to have audio description because of the remarkable person that Dealt tells us about: Richard Turner.

sign language symbol

For the people who hear, music is not just an audible experience; music is intimately related to the memories of our lives. But, have you ever wondered how deaf people experience music? Impelled by that question, the members of Nerven&Zellen, a Chilean performing arts group, have been working on making it easier for deaf people to create visual memories associated with songs.

Concert audience. People raise their arms and forms a heart with their hands

Last Tuesday, the ones watching “America’s Got Talent” were blown away by Mandy Harvey. Mandy came that night with a Sign language translator, and her warm presence on stage was already enough to captivate the audience.  However, when she started singing, her beautiful voice, her perfect pitch, her inspiring song, melted the audience and the judges away! 


The recent lawsuit against the producers of the musical, Hamilton, have brought attention to the accessibility of Broadway shows in New York City. In this case the lawsuit was brought by a blind patron from Colorado, Mark Lasser, who wanted to attend the musical. 


Year round the Kennedy Center, in Washington D.C., offers accessible performances for individuals with disabilities; however, most of those performances are coming between May and August. 

Dimly lighted, several rows of beige chairs in a theater.

On November 22, the Department of Justice (DOJ) announced regulations to clarify a public accommodation obligation to provide appropriate auxiliary aids and services for people with disabilities.

Girl with headphones listens video on a tablet. A descriptive phrase comes out of the headphones

Today is a day to celebrate!  We are very pleased to announce that the wonderful audiovisual content of Discovery en la Escuela is accessible starting today.