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Semillitas provides Captioning and Video Description in Spanish to their programming

We have been working with Semillitas, owned by SOMOSTV, a 24 hour animated TV channel for children between 0 and 5 years old, to make their programming fully accessible to Hispanic children with sensory disabilities.

This November, Semillitas publicly announced the addition of Closed Captioning (CC) and Video Description (VD) in Spanish to their channel’s animated programming.

Through a grant by the U.S. Department of Education, Dicapta has been working on providing captioning and video description to Semillitas’ educational programming allowing children with hearing and/or visual limitations to have full access to their unique content. 

Semillitas TV Spot

Captioning is text over the video that contains any audio information belonging to the original production, to provide those with hearing disabilities access to audible information.  Captioning can also provide benefits to children without disabilities that are watching Semillitas’ programming by improving comprehension, fluency and literacy skills since they will learn to recognize the written form of words.  Captioning can also be used as a tool for those learning to read, learning to speak Spanish or in environments where it is difficult to hear.

Semillita's Dr. Seuss Clip with Captioning and Video Description provided by Dicapta.

Video description provides enhanced detail of a program's visual content and is inserted during existing pauses in the show's audio track. This enhancement makes television programming accessible to viewers who are blind or visually impaired.  Video description has also been shown to benefit children with learning disabilities. 

Semillitas is now able to not only provide high quality educational programming to their viewers, but also provide supplemental features that will ensure total inclusion for all. 


"Semillitas" features children's programming from both branded and international producers that is entertaining, wholesome and free of any violence, packaged in a soothing, culturally relevant on-air presence. The channel, which is produced and distributed by Miami-based SOMOSTV, fills a niche that provides programming for Hispanic children that allows them to grow in a bicultural environment, managing both the English and Spanish languages as well as preserving their Hispanic cultural identity.

Dicapta is very pleased to work with Semillitas to increase accessibility to their programming. Dicapta’s team firmly believes that we will make a difference in Hispanic children with disabilities, and we are truly convinced of the importance of providing accessibility as an essential tool for human development, inclusion and education.

The funding for this project is provided by the U. S. Department of Education under grant number H327C100008. However any content does not necessarily represent the policy of the U.S. Department of Education and you should not assume endorsement by the federal government.